Mumia Abu-Jamal All Things Censored
(Seven Stories, 2001)
Written with a pencil, smuggled out from Death Row, beautiful and inspiring witness of a man who has every reason to be bitter but isn’t.

Thomas Paine Common Sense
(Dover, 1997)
We still have it in our power to “begin all over again”.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau Discourse on Political Economy and the Social Contract
(Oxford, 1999)
Evergreen analysis of the nobility of the human spirit and the basis of civil society.

Robert Minhinnick Watching the Fire-eater
Prescient reflections of an accidental tourist.

Stephen E Bronn Reclaiming the Enlightenment: Towards a politics of radical engagement
(Columbia UP 2004)
Post-modern cynics threw out the babies with the bathwater but we need Kant and Rousseau all the more today when global corporations have supplanted the old oppressors.

Aaron T Beck Prisoners of Hate
(Harper Collins, 2000)
How the mental habits that lock us into enmity and vengeance can be broken.

Michelle Wallace Black Macho and the Myth of Superwoman
(Verso, 1999)
Boys will be boys but let’s stop blaming the girls for it!

Ernesto Guevara Motorcycle Diaries of Che Guevara
(Harper Perennial, 2004)
The journey of a lifetime and the education of a generation.

Horace Campbell Reclaiming Zimbabwe: The exhaustion of the patriarchal model
(Africa Research, 2003)
Horace Campbell is just about the most wide- awake person on the entire planet.