...  this magic planet is our only space to be in but it is moving inexorably towards the cosmic plughole! Many people have only started to realise this since the turn of the millennium, and are now busily borrowing against what they assume is a nonexistent future in order to get what-they-can-while-they-can. They are flying  off to see what's left of the wonders of the world before these are scorched, or flooded, or blown to smithereens. Others take refuge in fantasy: they will be rescued by aliens or move to another planet  or die and go to paradise.  Others find comfort in pinpointing who is to blame and planning revenge. 
But most of us have already realised that, whatever we do or believe, we are as real as our world and
we are all part of the problem.  But,

                                                         WE ARE ALL DUBSOLUTION

                                          "We have it in our power to begin the world over again"        

Since the ancient civilizations there have always been groups of people who have understood that the logic of their societies is not sustainable, that the customs and practices considered normal are destructive of the very well-spring of life itself. Apologists for the established systems have usually labeled them "Millennial", "Utopian" or "Idealist". Yet dissenters like Sufis, Diggers, Amish and Howellites could not be more down to earth.  In the mid-twentieth century there were hundreds of groups of  all different faiths and political persuasions setting up little communes all over the world, each one set "to begin the world over again."  These groups all had an understanding of the importance of the local environment and their shared responsibility for it, and they sincerely projected a constantly improving future for their children and their children's children. 

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