Stop the War
Progressive International
Extinction Rebellion
Rainforest rescue
Survival International

Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit
It's capitalism or a habitable planet - you can't have both
No fracking, drilling or digging: it’s the only way to save life on Earth

Mother Earth and the Human Factor/Social Consciousness

Accidental Ecocide

What comes after capitalism? A keynote speech by Yanis Varoufakis, followed by a panel discussion with Ece Temelkuran, Vijay Prashad and Nick Estes.

The Years of Repair. A keynote by Naomi Klein, followed by a panel discussion with Aruna Roy, Tasneem Essop and Carola Rackete. 

Internationalism or Extinction. A keynote by Noam Chomsky, followed by a panel discussion with Nanjala Nyabola, Cornel West and John McDonnell.