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to check details or locate copies of An Exalted House or any of the following titles:-

9780954291396 Donnison, David
Last of the Guardians : A story of Burma, Britain and a family. 2005 (15.00)
Biography and autobiography skillfully entwined to reveal the hidden logic of the rise and fall of empire through the intimate tale of one influential extended family. Illustrated.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291365 Easdale, Roderick,
The Novel Life of P G Wodehouse. 2004 (10.00)
An elegant, appetising and surprisingly informative alternative to the ‘official’ biography.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291341 Newton H P and Lenin V I, Revolutionary Intercommunalism and the Right of Nations to Self-determination. 2004 (10.00 )
A timely reminder of a classic dialectic, Newton’s brilliant analysis of how global capital is burning up the planet,
with a concluding section on contemporary green politics and international identity.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291372 Berman, Michael
The Shaman and the Storyteller. 2005 (12.00)
Almost extinguished in Europe by the Inquisition, shamanism is experiencing a spectacular revival.
This book explains the theory, practice and history.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)

9780955002830 Winterbourne, Anthony
When the Norns Have Spoken: Time and fate in Germanic paganism.
A ground-breaking treatise in the history of ideas with a focus on Scandinavian folklore.
This will be inaluable for students of New Age paganism as well as European philosophy.
Available via Amazon (UK)
Ford, Julienne
Never Point at a Rainbow: Dialectical Universalism and the project of humanity.
The sequel to Paradigms and Fairy Tales (Routledge, 1974).

(well, not really!)
9780954291389 Lightfoot, Frederick
Migrants, 2005 (12.00)
A McEwan for the left. “. . .faces a hard world with unflinching directness . . . a world that has almost succeeded in reducing people to commodities.”
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291303 Gdala, Amy
Pascal’s Wager, 2002 (8.00)
An astonishing philosophical novel set in Negril, Jamaica, Black London and Wales: a counter to Houllebecq’s Atomised, featuring characters as diverse as Baroness Susan Greenfield and Huey P Newton.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291310 Gdala, Amy
The Odds are Even, 2002. (8.00)
The genesis of the Cold War told as a thriller culminating in dirty dealings behind the Cuba Missile Crisis.
Closely researched examination of the "special relationship" and the role of the secret services throws new light on Iraq.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291327 Gdala et al
Tales They Lose, 2003 (8.00)
Much acclaimed collection of rather Borgesian fragments on politics, American imperialism & “transatlantic” culture. Includes tributes to Steven Box, letters from Sir Cyril Burt, and wonderful drawings by Garcia Lorca, the poet.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)
9780954291358 Gdala, Amy
Heads We Win, 2005 (10.00)
Sad, funny, angry, but ultimately life-affirming, this is a Catch 22 for the global ‘war on terrorism’ depicting a land beset by obsessive compulsive disorders, surveillance, extraordinary rendition and mind control. Couldn’t be further from the truth of contemporary Britain - or could it?
(Slated by Blunkett, banned by Waterstones!)
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)

9780955002816 Maltby, Paul
An Exalted House, 2007 (12.00)
A very fine novel by a master of postmodernism in which a corporate takeover is seen as an occupation of the soul.
Available via Amazon (UK) or Amazon (International)