...  We who are still alive today have a crucial part to play in saving the future. Unless we act now we will have blown it, not just for ourselves and our offspring but for much of life on this planet.  There is every reason to panic! But we also need to think hard and clearly.

Most of us are now aware that more cycling and recycling isn't going to cut it. Many of us are longing to find ways to help rescue each other and our lovely Earth. Now we have a real chance.
In November 2021the 26th United Nations world climate summit will be taking place in Glasgow. This “Conference of the Parties” (COP26) is empowered to draw up binding rules to commit almost all the countries in the world to halt the damage we are all doing to our environment, climate and fellow beings.

We have it in our power to gather and share ideas in order to help shape the agenda for this vital summit.

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